Svetlana Ulemek

Product Safety and Standards Engineering Manager

Svetlana Ulemek has gone a long way since she left Central Asia nearly three decades ago. Today, a Product Safety and Standards Engineering Manager with Hubbell – Burndy. She is living proof that working in different countries is a competitive advantage.

Let’s cut a long story short: After a Master’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering in Saint Petersburg and a Doctorate in Physical Metallurgy in Ljubljana, where she stunned her fellow students with her quick grasp of the reputedly difficult Slovenian language, Russian-born Svetlana worked 12 years as a Metallurgical Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, and 2 years as a Laboratory Manager in Steel Manufacturing Store in Celje.

In 1999 because of Yugoslavian war Svetlana and her family immigrated to Toronto Canada, and in 2000, she joined FCI Toronto, where she quickly became the main engineering support for the WejTap™ line. In 2004, after having taken up many a challenge, she landed a “job” as Senior Process Engineer in Manchester NH.

Since 2011 Svetlana worked as Product Safety and Lab Supervisor for 5 years, and then accepted Product Safety and Standards Engineering Manager at Hubbell – Burndy in 2016.


March 7, 2019
Grounding and Corrosion of Dissimilar Materials
9:10  -  9:30 am
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