Russ Gundrum

Principal Consultant

Russ Gundrum is an acknowledged authority on telecommunications wireline interference and electrical protection problems having been involved with the subject matter since graduating from the University of Houston in 1972. He wrote a book in 1981 and twelve trade magazine articles on the subject. He has also given numerous three day seminars training over 5,000 managers, engineers and technicians around the world. He also knows he can show your folks how to do this themselves, providing quick, successful and long lasting results.

In December 2018 his second book was published titled Computer Networking Breakthroughs You’ve Always Wanted; Without Needing Fiber Optic Cables…Even in the Age of the Internet of Things!

Dr. John Cioffi, Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University and known as the “Father of DSL” provided a great endorsement of the book, with this part being on its front cover: “…an invaluable contribution to the field and encouraged for both the young student learning as well as the experienced field engineer looking for information.”

A flavor of the book can be seen by some of the 22 chapter titles:

  • That Antiquated and Obsolete Copper Network…Really?
  • Understanding the Physical Layer
  • Wasn’t Twisted Pair Supposed to be the Answer?
  • Wasn’t Shielded Cable Supposed to be the Answer?
  • My One Year Stint with the Cable Guys…and This Neat Little ‘One Wire’ Coaxial System”
  • What does the IEEE have to say about All of This?
  •, MGfast, XG-FAST and TDSL
  • Wi-Fi is THE Network!
  • But What About 5G?
  • Oh, and Have You Heard About the EMP Threat?



March 6, 2019
Computer Networking Breakthroughs…Yes, In Electrical Protection Measures!
11:10  -  11:50 am
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