Ernest Duckworth

LPGI & Affiliates

Ernie is a URI graduate in Engineering Science, and a New Jersey Institute of Technology graduate with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.  He has had a 49-year career in Engineering, working for Western Electric, C&P Telephone, USWEST, Positron, SNC, and now as president of LPGI & Affiliates.

LPGI & Affiliates specializes in lightning control, lightning protection, lightning grounding, electrical substation protection & grounding, communications design and protection, power design, Ground Potential Rise (GPR) evaluations, electrical fault calculations, electrical engineering training, and forensic analysis.  Ernie has been a member of IEEE Standards Committees relating to Electrical Protection since 1980, and helped develop the original IEEE Std. 487-1980, and 367-1987.

He was instrumental in the development and publication of IEEE Std. 1692-2011, “IEEE Guide for the Protection of Communication Installations from Lightning Effects”.

Ernie has made over 235 presentations and published 45 articles in the last thirty years.  He is currently a registered Professional Engineer in the states of Colorado, and Virginia


March 6, 2019
Case Study for the Electrical Protection & Grounding Recommendations
9:45  -  10:25 am
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