Dan Ashton

Conference Chair/Senior Engineer, Electrical Protection

Dan Ashton has been employed by Centurylink (Qwest, US West, Mountain Bell, Illinois Bell) for 34 years, and is currently a Senior Electrical Protection Engineer.

Dan started with Illinois Bell in 1977, transferring to Mountain Bell in 1979.  After leaving the Bell System in 1983, Dan came back to work for US West in 1991 and spent seven years as a cable and digital loop carrier repairman in Taos, New Mexico responsible for all noise mitigation work and all repairs and maintenance work on DLC remote equipment including proper grounding, TVSS maintenance and MLT maintenance.

Dan spent the next seven years as state wide (NM) technical support working on power influence/noise mitigation, high voltage protection, grounding/ bonding, chronic DLC repairs, MLT maintenance and chronic DS0, DS1, and DS3 repairs.  He also headed a multiyear field trial of Lightning Protection/AC Isolation technology in NM for remote digital loop carrier protection.  During this time Dan started attending PEG conferences and also began presenting at PEG.

The following two years Dan continued as state wide (NM) technical support adding support for DSL remote equipment test and turn up including training Centurylink (Qwest) personal on test and turn up practices.

In July 2009, Dan was promoted to Lead Technical Support Engineer responsible for high voltage protection, power influence and noise mitigation and ground/ bonding practices in four “classic Qwest” states.

Since Centurylink purchase of Qwest, Dan has been involved with high voltage protection and noise mitigation throughout CenturyLinks territory.  Dan has also been part of several internal committees rewriting grounding & bonding, high voltage protection and noise mitigation practices for the combined company’s.  He has worked in the field extensively with technicians on noise mitigation, AC induction and lightning protection issues.  Dan manages CenturyLink’s Tech Pub 77321 High Voltage Protection which is published on the CenturyLink Tech Pub web site. Dan has also written several electrical protection Methods and Procedures and job aids for CenturyLink.

Dan is currently a member of the IEEE (PES) Wire-Line subcommittee, IEEE (PES) SPD committee, ATIS STEP-NEP committee (where he is committee chairman), NFPA 780 technical editing committees for grounding & bonding and personal protection and TIA TR-42 standards committee.




March 5, 2019
Welcome Remarks from Chair
9:00  -  9:15 am
Improvements in AC Power Protection and Isolation Technology
1:55  -  2:35 pm
March 6, 2019
Solar Farm Inverter Harmonics Which Cause Interference in Telecommunications Copper Cable Facilities
10:30  -  10:50 am
March 7, 2019
What We Have Here is Failure to Communicate: Real World Examples of Failures to Follow Grounding and Bonding Standards
9:35  -  10:15 am
Closing Remarks
2:45  -  3:00 pm
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