Why and How the Electrical Protection Industry Should Make Educating Their Telecom Customers a Sales Tool

March 6, 2019
2:00  -  2:20 pm

The talent pool in many telephone companies is becoming shallow to where it barely could support mosquito larvae. It’s sad but increasingly true that many telecom people responsible for Bonding, Grounding and Electrical Protection would be better suited as trained on-the-job brain surgeons because they enter with some rudimentary skills: they can use a drill and a saw.

This is not to bash telecom engineers. Firstly, very few of them are degreed or licensed engineers. They’re technicians who became promoted into engineering posts and work under the direction of an engineer. Unfortunately, the engineers they report to are retiring in droves leaving huge gaps in the brain trust. Often, engineering people are in their jobs for years before they receive much in the way of training and these days training dollars are scarce.

The purpose of this presentation is to show what important concepts telecom guys lack, how your competitors often exploit their customers dearth of training and how proactive vendors can improve their odds for long-term customer loyalty.