Outdoor Cabinet Protection Through Better Grounds and Bonding

March 6, 2019
1:15  -  1:55 pm

Proper grounding and bonding of external telecom and electronic equipment cabinets is more than just meeting NEC NFPA 70 electrical safety requirements.  Meeting Code only makes your cabinet electrically safe to touch while powered.  Proper grounding and bonding techniques improves the overall equipment and site performance.  Every subsystem that can be found inside a telecom and signal equipment cabinet is affected by proper grounding and bonding; this includes AC, DC, Datacom, Telecom and Radio systems.  This article will review suggested equipment grounding and bonding layout techniques that can be used for better equipment protection.

This paper will answer these and other questions while tying them to examples found in the field.

  • Why should a metal mounting plate never be used for common grounding of equipment and surge protection?
  • What is the Master Ground Bar and why is it important?
  • What does single point grounding look like in an external equipment cabinet?
  • How does properly laying out ground and electrical bonds lower internally generated noise on cables and equipment protecting them from transients, harmonics and high frequency EMI?
  • How does using best practices on a well laid out cabinet greatly improve all installed surge protection and equipment shielding performance and efficiencies?
  • Why should IEEE 1100 and Motorola R-56 Guides be available on every cabinet designers computer?