Improvements in AC Power Protection and Isolation Technology

March 5, 2019
1:55  -  2:35 pm

Remote electronic carrier equipment is sometimes placed next to or in close proximity to commercial power substations or located in high lightning areas. These types of installations include digital loop carrier, DSL and fiber mux equipment. During a lightning or line to ground fault produced ground potential rise (GPR), electronic carrier systems in close proximity of the GPR event, may suffer damage to their DC rectifiers from fault currents that “rise” through the grounding systems of the remote electronic carrier cabinet. This presentation will cover protecting remote electronic carrier equipment using improved AC isolation technology for any location that is subject to a GPR

The presentation will look at:

  • The latest in Lightning Detection.
  • Site wiring detection and open neutral monitoring.
  • Voltage tolerance detection.
  • Surge protection.
  • How all these are combined to achieve a Total AC protection solution.
  • Remote Electronics (R E) cabinets (DSL, Fiber, and DLC) subject to a GPR event and the resulting damage to their power supplies.
  • Ground potential rise (GPR) as it relates to these (R E) cabinets.
  • The results of AC isolation on these (R E) cabinets during a GPR event.
  • A short Video of a protected site will also be shown.