Deadline to Submit:  Friday, October 12, 2018

The Protection Engineers’ Group (PEG) Conference is a vendor-neutral event that presents solutions based on the latest electrical protection practices and applications in today’s networks. Conference attendees get the latest information on the leading topics in protection engineering, delivered by the field’s top professionals.

Expert presentations cover all aspects of electrical protection including bonding and grounding, surge protection and back-up power systems. Topics also include changes in standards and technologies needed to meet ongoing challenges of providing reliable voice, data and video services in decentralized networks.

Presenting at this event positions your ideas in front of the top professionals in electrical protection community.

Submit an Abstract

Format and Topics

We are seeking industry experts to address the latest information on the leading topics in protection engineering. Presentations should address the interests of the audience, be 20 or 40 minutes in length, and should include time for audience questions. Presenters who are chosen to participate at PEG 2019 will be notified no later than December 14, 2018.

Submissions should include the following:

  • Speaker name, title and company
  • Session title
  • 150 – 200 words session description
  • Bullet list of 4 – 5 key points

Suggested Topics:

  • Codes and Standards
    • National Electric Code Update
    • National Electrical Safety Code Update
    • Nationally Recognized Test Laboratories (NRTL) Updates
  • AC/DC Power Infrastructure
    • AC vs DC and Where are We Headed
    • 380VDC Deployment and Challenges
    • Updates to PoE Technology
    • PoE Reverse Powering Updates
    • Updates on DSL/ Reverse Powering Technology
    • DC Power Supplies
    • Issues Using High Power on Communications Cables
  • Surge Protection
    • Circuit Protection Topologies in the Equipment
    • Coaxial Cable Protection
    • 5G Network Protection Updates
    • AC and DC Power Surge Protection Applications
    • Lightning Protection Systems
    • Customer Premises Applications and Power Protection
    • DC Power Supply and SPDs
    • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Protection
    • Surge Protective Device Success Stories
    • PoE Powering/ Reverse Powering Protection Issues
    • Protection on Hardware Associated with Next Generation Equipment
  • Grounding and Bonding
    • General Grounding & Bonding
    • Data Center Grounding and Bonding
    • Generator, UPS and Inverter Grounding
  • Field Applications and Challenges
    • Real World Problems and Solutions
    • Horror Stories of Bad Installation Practices
    • Protection and Field Problems Associated With New and Future Powering Architectures for Communications Services
    • Effects of “Green” Energy Power Generation on Communications Facilities
  •  Emerging Technologies and Applications
    • G-Fast Issues
  • Wireless Infrastructure and  Deployment

For more information, contact: Lois Rude, Education and Conference Manager, ATIS.

Content Guidelines

The PEG Advisory Board has observed that Conference attendees prefer presentations that provide technology content rather than sales/marketing pitches. Our record of impartiality contributes to PEG being known as a leading conference on applying electrical protection principles to today’s network. To maintain this reputation, we ask that speakers respect the following guidelines:

  • Focus your presentation on problems, solutions and technologies, not specific company products.
  • Submissions will be carefully reviewed by the Advisory Board to ensure depth of information and relevance to the program.
  • Presentations emphasizing case studies, best practices, and real-world results are encouraged.